The Rufus Factor
    United Airlines is a huge player in the increasingly challenged travel industry. Problems seem to just keep mounting as all the carriers jockey for their positions around that “Not-too-big-to-fail” threshold. But United Airlines has at least one special asset which it may have overlooked while concentrating on trying to slow the flow of red ink.
    Glance around the boarding area at the Denver hub of United and you just might be lucky enough to experience a man named Rufus Lovett. You won't miss Rufus if he is working your gate; he’s the guy greeting and guiding passengers preparing to board and he does his job with a flair that goes so much further in meeting human needs.
    You know the scene — harried travelers milling about in those final moments before boarding. The P.A. mumbles incomprehensible instructions to the herd as everyone tries to gather bags, kids and snacks while fumbling for the boarding pass. Some may even try to recover a little of the dignity left at security screening before they again surge forward to be packed into that tight metal tube intended to catapult all to the next city.
    A friend recently encountered Rufus in just such an environment. He was greeting and directing passengers — and probably doing a little final security screening as well — but he was also quick to give a smile, direct eye contact, an outstretched hand, sometimes a caring touch on the shoulder, and even open arms offering hugs to all who wanted. “All sorts of people were standing in line for their hugs,” my friend said. “Well, I wanted my hug too! I waited patiently at the end of the long boarding line eagerly awaiting my turn. I told him his manner was really making a difference in many people's lives.”
    “You could tell he was sincere,” She continued, “He was absolutely not offering fake hugs and smiles. This was the real thing.” The plane loaded, and my friend noticed a difference in her fellow passengers. “Strangers were chatting, everybody seemed to be having an unusually good time.” The good mood continued even as the plane pulled away from the gate. Even when the plane stopped and returned to the gate. And, the mood was even friendly and relaxed as the pilot announced everyone would have to disembark and make other arrangements if possible.
    The flight finally did take off four hours later with a new plane. On arrival, the captain thanked everyone for their patience. My friend made a point of telling him how Rufus was the difference in making the delay palpable. She also vowed to write a note to corporate headquarters about her actual experience of friendly skies.
    There are many people like Rufus, but there is always room for more. Perhaps you are one of these special human assets.
    Or maybe you can become one.
    Well, how about some of the time?
    Me too.

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