The Source.

There are several possible historical sources to this communication approach as well as variations in how it is presented and used. Our original source for this web site came as a simple offering nearly two decades ago during a class presentation by Antonio Nuñez, currently dean of students, Southwest Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Antonio’s gentle, wise, and perhaps mystical manner of presenting this and many other ideas had a way of going straight into one’s soul (when receptive to such things).  The influence then lingers — available but without demanding — for inspiration and use when brought forward. Antonio presented “The Four Winds” as an ancient Native American tradition. Another source for a similar experience, approach,  and technique can be found in some 12-step programs where participants take turns speaking what they wish and then listening to others doing the same without making direct responses to each other except to say, “Thank You.” The basic process can also be found in some, but not all professional therapy and teaching settings.

Flowing With The Four Winds


Once you are present, allow space and encouragement for the other (or others) to present themselves. You opened, now let the other go first, if desired. The best ways to be receptive is to listen, pay attention, and acknowledge. Helpful extras include eye  contact, stating what you understand of the other’s communication, and then asking for feedback on the level of your understanding of their meaning. The art of effective, supportive listening can take years to develop and still be only partial. However, simply moving in this direction will often have amazing results. Appreciate that you are

taking baby steps, and be receptive to yourself as well.


Here is the big key.  A major gift from this way of being and communicating is often the exciting, wonderful, unexpected results which frequently surpass our original intentions and/or carry us in directions we would not have chosen by ourselves.


The first step of anything is to bring yourself into a process in order to personally create a possibility, any possibility. Sometimes this step simply requires organizing

thoughts, putting a pen to paper, making — or answering — a call.

Sometimes Showing Up requires a major shift in willingness to risk being

open to something different.  At one level, Showing Up is what we do

at the very beginning of any conversation.


                            Now that you have heard the other person, offer your own

thoughts concisely and with the expectation of really being heard.

Being receptive and speaking in this manner may go on for a few cycles or

may last a lifetime.  As you speak, present as much clarity as possible of

your own truth. This can be a challenge since we all strive to hide, stand out,

deceive, impress, challenge, protect, hurt, etc.  Concentrating your message on

your own truth can take much practice.  Listen to yourself as you speak.  Be gentle

and receptive when you find your expression of your truth needs some further revision.

Absolute truth may be an moral goal, but almost all of what our brains churn out is a

mixture of clarity and deception.   Again, baby steps are  good.

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